Friday, 10 August 2012

Facts about India and Current Affairs

How much do you know about your motherland? Are you familiar with various facts about India in different domains – geography, sports, politics, entertainment, foreign relations and trade, education, employment, history, freedom movement and any other topic such as these?

Well, scoring in CSAT (Prelims) is not really tough if you are aware about your country and keep yourself updated about current affairs.

The key is to purchase the latest yearbook (most popular being, Manorama Year book) and also subscribe to popular journals and magazines (like FrontLine and World Focus) during the course of your preparation. Attempt the extensive question bank in the year book and also concentrate on the major headlines related to current affairs in the magazines.

Make it a point to read the newspaper. The Hindu and The Indian Express are recommended. However, considering the fast-paced life and limited time at your disposal, you should quickly be able to differentiate between ‘sensational news’ and ‘headlines’ and concentrate more on what is important.

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Friday, 3 August 2012

Easy subjects to score for CSAT (Prelims)

In order to score well in prelims, civil services aspirants can thoroughly prepare for some topics that are quite straightforward and easy to score. Most of them involve light reading of well-organised resources on a regular basis.

Some of them include questions that:

·         are based on statistics

·         are map based

·         related to polity and current affairs

·         test comprehension and decision making skills

Do you commute for long hours to your office in a bus? Do you travel frequently? Then carry a copy of Manorama Year book and a small pocket notebook to make important notes. You can spend about 20 minutes after lunch to just glance through the topics and even prepare flash cards.

Some of the general knowledge topics are quite tedious to read and hence, schedule a time for preparing for these while you are at home. Otherwise, you can keep browsing through the latest headlines to keep yourself updated about the current affairs.

Make it a point to practice sample tests regularly from the comprehensive question bank at and attempt questions that have appeared in the previous years. You may also contact our faculty for any further queries or clarifications while preparing for CSAT (Prelims).

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Smart Preparation Tips to score well in Civil Services Examination

Many civil services aspirants wrongly assume that they need to dedicate 10 to 15 hours every day for effective preparation. How many of you realise that the quantity of time spent for preparing does not matter and quality is what finally matters?

·         Go through the syllabus and highlight sections that are easy to cover.

·         Make a note of areas that are easy to score.

·         Write down those topics which you find easy.

·         Note down topics which you are very unsure of or find it difficult to understand.

Plan a schedule for preparing for subjects that are weak on a regular basis and practice questions from the comprehensive question bank so that you know the kind of questions that have appeared in the previous year examinations.

Ask your queries during the online virtual classroom session to the faculty so that the rest of the students are also benefited. You may also send emails directly to your faculty to clear your doubts.

Attend practice and mock tests and be regular with your submissions. Read the feedbacks of the faculty carefully and attend the sessions where the solutions of the tests are discussed without fail.