Thursday, 18 July 2013

Reading List

A regular query by most of the new entrants to civil service preparation is, what books I should read, what magazines should i track, what newspapers I should follow etc. In the first among a series of posts, I will share with you some of the interesting sources from which you can gather information, some good books to build your basic understanding, books to broaden your thought etc.

This post is especially for those of you who are planning to give your preliminary examination in 2014 and those of you who feel that they have the time to go through at least some of these books. I wouldn’t recommend students expecting to appear for mains 2013 to read these now, as the time you have is very limited and very precious.  These books are mere suggestions and you can either choose to read all or part or even none.  I will write individual review of each of these books soon, to give you a preview of its contents.

§        India after Gandhi -Ramchandra Guha / India Since Independence- Bipin Chandra  (post Independence India )
§        India Unbound- Gurucharan Das (impact of liberalisation on Indian Economy)
§        Everyone Love’s a good Drought- P Sainath (Rural India and its problems)
§        Indian Development- Amartya Sen ( Indian Development model and its Analysis)
§        India’s Struggle for Independence- Bipin Chandra ( Indian Freedom Struggle)
§        Idea of India- Sunil Khilnani  ( Anlysis of the Idea of India)
§        Pax Indicana- Shashi Tharoor/ Does the Elephant Dance- David M Malone  (Contemporary Indian foreign Policy)
§        The Argumentative Indian - Amartya Sen (Interesting Analysis of various issues)
§        Making Breakthrough Innovation Happen- Porus Munshy ( inspiring innovation stories from India)

If you can cover these books or some of these it could have a profound impact on your understanding over various issues and give you clarity on many things you have your doubts on. And in these changed syllabus and new pattern, these books could give you a broader understanding of issues and an edge over other students. Eventually it is your conceptual clarity and subject understanding that will reflect in your answers. If you have read any of these books do share your review and opinion on the same. Looking forward to your feedbacks.

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