Monday, 5 August 2013

How 11 Indians Pulled off The Impossible! A Book Review

Book: Making Breakthrough Innovations Happen
Author: Porus Munshi
Genre: Business/Innovation/Entrepreneurship

This is another interesting book that you may find compelling to read. A collection of case studies, well analysed and presented.

Few of the Case studies which really caught my fancy are
  • Transformation of Surat from the filthiest city into the second cleanest town within two years, reducing the number of malaria deaths from 20,000 to 0 in just twenty months, a case of miracle urban transformation.
  • Trichy Police implementing community policing and reducing crime rates by an astounding 60% and managing a city of 3 million people with 260 constables, a case study on how the police can manage community with friendliness rather than force.
  • How titan beat the Swiss in their own field of expertise by developing the thinnest watch Titan Edge.
    The rest are about ITC, CavinKare Su-kam etc. The book has good flow to it bringing out interesting details and how the same can be used by us in ordinary situation. This is a must read for The few us who still believe we can change, we can make things happen and that nothing is impossible as such.
The book is very inspiring and can give you some good case studies to substantiate your arguments.

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