Monday, 3 September 2012

Making your UPSC interview, a success story

                   You have crossed a major part of your journey to fulfil your dream of joining the Indian civil services once you qualify in the preliminary and mains examination. The last step is to give a good interview and impress the panel who are evaluating you.

                   The first step to display your confidence is to show a positive body language. Ensure that you follow the formal dress code while appearing for the interview and sit with the right posture. Maintain a calm composure and do not get into long-winded discussions that are irrelevant to the topics asked.
                    Note that the key to a good interview is to grasp the question and answer briefly only with the relevant points with clarity of expression. Show your appreciation and knowledge of various topics in current affairs like socio-economic problems or foreign relations that are relevant to the question asked. Your answers should also reflect your personal viewpoints that do not trigger any controversies, but reflect a concern for the economic growth and progress of our country.

            would be proud and happy to guide students who qualify for the interview through the expert thinktank panel who have valuable experience in the past of qualifying in the UPSC interview.

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