Saturday, 15 September 2012

Preparation Tips for the UPSC interview

                 The last and the most important step for qualification in the Indian Civil Services examination is the interview. While you have a few hours to prove your skills in written examination, the interview test explores your spontaneity, general knowledge, reasoning and decision making skills in addition to your soft skills like clarity in thoughts and expression, ability to interact and also your presence of mind!

                 There is no thumb rule or guide book to prepare for the UPSC interview. In fact, it is a continuous process and should be done throughout the preparation. The best way to tackle the interview stage is to have a fair idea of subjects of varied interests by reading newspapers, journals, magazines, editorial columns and reviews.

                 It may also be worthwhile to practice mock interviews if you are doing group study with other civil services aspirants. The ability to carry on an interesting and constructive conversation with clear and correct pronunciation of words will go a long way to qualify in the interview.

                 Interview questions are not at all tough to tackle if you are aware of the current affairs and socio-economic issues and are able to tackle questions related to them.

                 You can browse the internet for quick tips of tackling interviews and also contact the thinktank panel of the indiancivils team and request for further help in tackling tricky questions.


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